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CS211 - Fundamentals of Computer Programming II

Fall 2021


Syllabus PDF





WeekDateLecture ReleasedDue
1September 21, Tuesday1Introduction to CS211 and Unix ShellLab1 
 September 23, Thursday2Intro to CLab2, Hw01 
 September 24, Friday  Lab1
 September 26, Sunday  Lab2
2September 28, Tuesday3Build System & Pointers  
 September 30, Thursday4Arrays and StringsLab3, HW2HW1
 October 3, Sunday  Lab3
3October 5, Tuesday5Lifetimes and Memory Quiz1
 October 7, Thursday6Dynamic MemoryHW3, Lab4HW2
 October 10, Sunday  Lab4
4October 12, Tuesday7Standard I/O and Dynamic Arrays  
 October 14, Thursday8Linked ListsHW4HW3
5October 19, Tuesday9Bits and Bytes and Integer Encoding Quiz2
 October 21, Thursday10No Lecture Today HW4
 October 24, Sunday   
6October 26, Tuesday11C++ for C programmers  
 October 28, Thursday12Objects and GE211Lab5, HW5 
 October 29, FridayFall Quarter Drop Deadline  
 October 31, Sunday  Lab5
7November 2, Tuesday13Access ControlProject DetailsQuiz3
 November 4, Thursday14Generics and STLHW6HW5
8November 9, Tuesday15Final Project Overview and Motion Planning in Games  
 November 11, Thursday16C++ Inheritance HW6, Project Proposal
 November 14, Sunday  Project Specification
9November 16, Tuesday17RAII & Memory Management Quiz4
 November 18, Thursday18GE211 & Animation  
10November 23, Tuesday19Git Version Control  
 November 25, ThursdayNo Class - Thanksgiving  
11November 30, Tuesday20Class Wrapup Final Project Code
 December 2, Thursday21Project Demos Project Eval Guide